A little Introduction

Hi all,

I’ve decided to jump in blog world. I think it’s a good way to share information and your life’s experiences.
As you can see in the title of my blog, I’m an IT professional, and I have a field experience of 16 years.
So, the main objective of this blog, is to share information and my own experience on what I’ve seen in my day to day job and on the technologies we are working with.

I’m not a writer by nature and English is not my mother tongue so be comprehensive if I’m not correct in terms I’m using.

OK, right now it’s time to start publishing IT articles.
Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to comment !!!!
Don’t hesitate to propose also subjects of posts

As I have a family and a job that are taking a lot of my time, maybe it won’t be possible for me to post something for several weeks. Thanks for your understanding and have a good reading