As mentioned in my home page, I’m a sysadmin guy with a wide range of ground field experience.

During my career, I had the luck to work with big companies, SMBs actors as IT consultant and internal. I do believe that is the mixture of these worlds that permitted me to develop my skills as Sysadmin.

Honestly, when I take a picture of my career, I think, I really prefer my sysadmin job as consultant rather than as being a member a internal team, simply because I have the opportunity to see so different environments with specific requirements which force me to learn new things regularly. We will see if I will still say that in 15 years but for now, it’s the thirsty of knowledge that conduct my life.

I’m taking advantage of this blog to thanks colleagues, ex-colleagues, recruiters, business partners, customers that believed in me and my skills along these last 16 years. A career is not something that you build alone, it’s something that you build with others people even if you work hard as individual.

If you want to know more about my professional life, feel free to visit my Linkedin profile


If you want to contact me directly please use the following form. I will answer you but depending on the hour of the day or the day of the week you will send your inquiry, you will get +/- long delay of answering ;-).



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